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Our Mission

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Design, manufacture and provide application-critical Air Springs for a global customer base.

Our History

Goodyear® Air Springs is a leader in the air spring market, with a strong global reputation, and offers best-in-class performance, quality, and dependability. Our heritage is traced back to the 1950s when we invented the Rolling Lobe Air Spring, the most popular air spring used in the Commercial Vehicle Industry.

United States Patent – Goodyear Air Spring Patent 3043582

Who We Are Today

With decades of industry-specific service and knowledge, Infinity Engineered Products / Goodyear® Air Springs are engineered and built with the highest quality materials using only the best manufacturing and testing protocols to consistently deliver trusted products that exceed performance expectations for our customers’ ever-changing mission-critical industries.

Our Core Values:

“Responsibility to act safely, with integrity and make decisions for the improvement of all stakeholders as a steward of the company.”
Create Value
“Decisions and actions using data and experience to continuously seek optimal solutions for internal and external stakeholders.”
Customer Focused
“Seek mutually beneficial solutions to respectfully serve customers, contributors and the company.”
Growth Mindset
“Develop openness and curiosity with an intent to grow personally and professionally.”

Certificates of Quality

IATF 16949:2016

ISO 9001:2015

ISO 14001:2015