Goodyear® Air Springs sleeve-style air springs provide operator and passenger comfort through truck and bus driver seat springs, truck cab vibration isolation systems, and ride springs for passenger vehicles and light trucks. Sleeve air springs are also ideal for use as actuators and isolators in industrial applications.


1 Proprietary Rubber Chemistry

Proprietary polymer materials provide exceptional durability and weather resistance, resulting in less cracking and longer service life.

2 Reduced Weight

Innovative materials and design technology allow Super Cushion Air Springs to provide excellent strength combined with less weight for added fuel savings.

3 Factory Alignment

Super Cushion Air Springs are aligned at the factory increasing longevity and reducing vibration and misalignment.

4 Textile Reinforcement

High-strength textile provides exceptional shape retention and outstanding value.

5 Comfort

Super Cushion Air Springs provide a comfortable ride to reduce driver fatigue.

6 Equipment Longevity

Improved vibration isolation reduces wear and tear on truck and trailer components and minimizes damage to valuable cargo.


Sleeve Performance

Sleeve air springs incorporate a flexible member without the use of an internally molded bead. The flexible member is attached to the end retainers by pinching the material between the end retainers and exterior crimp rings, which are then swaged to the proper diameter.

For Cab and Specialty Industrial Applications

Designed for a smoother ride in a cab or on a seat for driver comfort.

Ideal Applications
  • Ride springs for passenger cars and trucks
  • Isolators for truck cab suspensions
  • Seat springs and cab springs for trucks and buses
  • Actuators and isolators for industrial applications