Goodyear® Air Springs Super Cushion® Bellows air springs are superior quality products designed and built for durability, performance and value. Super Cushion bellows air springs operate dependably in the toughest conditions. With quality built into every Super Cushion air spring, they are made to last.


1 Proprietary Rubber Chemistry

Proprietary polymer materials provide exceptional durability and weather resistance, resulting in less cracking and longer service life.

2 Girdle Ring

High-strength materials provide shape retention ensuring the correct fit on the vehicle.

3 Factory Alignment

Super Cushion Air Springs are aligned at the factory increasing longevity and reducing vibration and misalignment.

4 Textile Reinforcement

High-strength textile provides excellent durability and outstanding value.

5 Comfort

Super Cushion Air Springs provide a comfortable ride to reduce driver fatigue.

6 Equipment Longevity

Improved vibration isolation reduces wear and tear on truck and trailer components and minimizes damage to valuable cargo.


Bellows Air Springs Styles

Bellows air springs have one, two or three convolutions in a flexible member. There are two styles of bellows designs:

  1. Crimped design bellows air springs feature an end retainer that is permanently attached to the air spring by crimping a retainer around the built-in bead wire of the flexible member, or bellow.
  2. Sleeve-style bellows offer similar characteristics to crimped design bellows, but the flexible member is constructed without internally molded bead wires, much like that of a rolling lobe bellow. The end retainers are permanently attached by pinching the flexible member between the end retainers and external crimp rings, which are then swaged to the proper diameter.

Of all of the different types of air springs, sleeve-type bellows air springs require the least amount of force to compress, allowing for the best shock absorption.